New Update 9/13

By PuckTalkCS September 13, 2017 18:28

From all of us here at PuckTalkCS, we have some exciting news. Our PuckTalkCS Season 2 will officially start next Monday September 18th. We are excited to be back after a nice and long refreshing summer break. As we gear up to start Season 2 we would like your feedback on what improvements you would like to see towards the show or website? We would like you to comment down below or email us at any suggestions to help make a quick and informal hockey blog enjoyable for all. Thanks for the input and enjoy.

It’s Just the Luck of the Puck!

By PuckTalkCS September 13, 2017 18:28
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  1. Josh T September 13, 18:46

    Yeassss!!!!!! Pucktalk is back!!!!!!!

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  2. Josh T September 13, 18:52

    Maybe you should spend more time discussing individual teams and not move from team to team, just slow it down

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  3. Keith corsey September 13, 19:13

    Please Talk FOOTBALL!!!!

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  4. alan-lobato September 13, 19:17

    ^^^^Yes I agree the show would be interesting if you guys talked about football to

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  5. ArmchairQB September 13, 19:20

    Yes, please please please do football along with hockey

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  6. Josh T September 13, 19:22


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  7. Lyle Richardson September 13, 19:34

    I think you guys should talk a little football but on a separate podcast episode aside from hockey

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  8. Josh T September 13, 19:45

    yea, i guess you guys could talk football once a week like you guys did last year that was kinda fun.

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