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PuckTalkCS Episode 102

PuckTalkCS Episode 102

PuckTalkCS Episode 102 0

🕔16:30, 28.Apr 2017

PuckTalkCS Episode 102: Penguins vs Capitals Rangers vs Senators Predators vs Blues Oilers vs Ducks Always, remember, it is just the luck of the puck    

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4/26/17 Highlights

4/26/17 Highlights 0

🕔10:40, 27.Apr 2017 Nashville Predators vs Blues NHL Youtube Highlights Oilers vs Ducks NHL Youtube Highlights    Always Remember, it is just the luck of the puck.    

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PuckTalkCS Episode 101

PuckTalkCS Episode 101 1

🕔16:22, 26.Apr 2017

PuckTalkCS Episode 101: The Holy Trinity is complete, Derek, the window Robin, and the preaching of the 6ix. Previews for all four second round series (in order below): Oilers vs Ducks Blues vs Predators Rangers vs Senators Capitals vs Penguins

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PuckTalkCS 100

PuckTalkCS 100 3

🕔16:32, 25.Apr 2017

PuckTalkCS 100: Surreal event in our history. 100 All Round 1 recaps Mike joins Hype music for the 100th celebration Derek from the 6 will no longer have predictions available. One of our most recent hallowed storylines here on PuckTalkCS

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PuckTalkCS Episode 99

PuckTalkCS Episode 99 0

🕔16:56, 20.Apr 2017

Episode 99 of PuckTalkCS: Rangers-Habs Oilers-Sharks Blues-Wild Blue Jacket-Penguins Ducks-Flames Happy 4/20 to all! The prophet on the mount, Derek of Toronto, has made the right calls yet again for the Maple Leafs-Capitals series, and Rangers-Canadiens series. We have updated

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PuckTalkCS Episode 98

PuckTalkCS Episode 98 0

🕔16:53, 19.Apr 2017

Episode 98 of PuckTalkCS: Capitals-Maple Leafs Senators-Bruins Flames-Ducks Blackhawks-Predators Derek from Toronto. The prophet on the mount. From the 6, the holy land of hockey. Always remember, it is just the luck of the puck.  

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PuckTalkCS Episode 97

PuckTalkCS Episode 97 2

🕔22:21, 17.Apr 2017

After grueling and frustrating technical difficulties over a 4 hour time frame it is finally here. Enjoy Mike as a guest host as we cover 4 of the 8 playoff matchups. Always remember, ’tis the luck of the puck.

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Episode 97 Coming Tomorrow

Episode 97 Coming Tomorrow 0

🕔13:41, 16.Apr 2017

Happy Easter to those who celebrate! In the past week both Steve and Chives took vacation’s. I took a five day trip and visited Lake Placid, Toronto (and the HHOF!), and Niagara Falls. In other words, I was in the

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It’s the Final Countdown

It’s the Final Countdown 0

🕔12:36, 8.Apr 2017

It’s the Final Countdown The playoff push is not over yet to no surprise. Boston locks up a position coming from behind a wild card position. The Atlantic was locked up as the Canadiens took the number one seed. The

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Enforcer in Fight of His Life

Enforcer in Fight of His Life 0

🕔11:42, 8.Apr 2017

Enforcer in Fight of His Life   All around the league the story has come to fruition. Bryan Bickell, a three time Stanley Cup champion, massive enforcer, and occasional goal scorer was not himself in the 2015-2016 NHL season.  

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