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PuckTalkCS Episodes Archive

SEASON 1: 2015-2016 season, 2016 playoffs

Episode 1 of PuckTalkCS. This first podcast is simply stats and thoughts on week 2 of the NHL and the season so far.

Episode 2 of PuckTalkCS:Canadiens historical streak, Columbus who, Trade offers, Edmonton.

Episode 3 of PuckTalkCS: Duck bad start,  Flyers game, Capitals hot start, Stanley Cup rematch, Lightning offseason important signings, Top 5 players based off of eye test.

Episode 4 of PuckTalkCS: Canadiens and their streak, every NHL’s teams positives.

Episode 5 of PuckTalkCS:Every NHL team’s best player and great rivalry’s to watch for the 2015-2016 season.

Episode 6 of PuckTalkCS: Team negatives part 1.

Episode 7 of PuckTalkCS:Continuation of the Team Negatives segment,  Milestone watch, and our game of the week opinions.

Episode 8 of PuckTalkCS: A Thanksgiving special!

Episode 9 of PuckTalkCS: Player Safety, and a wrap up of the thrilling month of November.

Episode 10 of PuckTalkCS: 10 Episodes… wow! Big milestone for us. Thank you listeners and followers.Hope you all enjoy our latest episode! In this episode we talk about the Allstar leaders and we do a very fun segment you don’t want to miss.

Episode 11 of PuckTalkCS: Quick recap of the week, coverage on the high tempo last PuckTalk game of the week, and the upcoming Bruins Canadiens Wednesday Night Rivalry game.

Episode 12 of PuckTalkCS: Winter Classic thoughts, Highlights of the last month in the NHL, Rangers Canadiens free fall, Allstar rosters and thoughts, Johansen-Jones trade, and trade rumors looming before deadline.

Episode 13 of PuckTalkCS: We Finally talk about the long awaited discussion of the Steven Stamkos vs The Triplets. Also Alex Ovechkin reaches 500 goals, and our opinion on young rookie Jonathan Drouin.

Episode 14 of PuckTalkCS: Mid-Year Top 5, Canadiens acquire John Scott, Lots of Fan questions Answered.

Episode 15 of PuckTalkCS:Top saves of the season so far, Our custom shootout lineups, Super Bowl predictions.

Episode 16 of PuckTalkCS: All American Playoffs?, fan comment reading, major addressing on teams we haven’t talked about.

Episode 17 of PuckTalkCS: Ladd and Byfuglien trade or sign?, Barkov signing and significance, Ovechkin and Toew’s to miss Allstar game, McDavid cleared for full physical contact.

Episode 18 of PuckTalkCS: Breakdown on Trade Rumors before deadline, All-Star Weekend preview.

Episode 19 of PuckTalkCS: Post Review of All-Star weekend, John Scott’s legacy, 3 on 3 format, Gary Bettman, and 2017 All-Star game in LA.

Episode 20 of PuckTalkCS: This is another milestone for us, 20 episodes. Did the Flyers lose out on trading Lecavalier and Schenn away, do they fall into the bad trade/bad contract situation territory , and do the Flyers past movements have effects on where they are on the standings now? Best players from the first half of the season, players to look for in second half of season, maple leafs logo change, McDavid’s return.

Episode 21 of PuckTalkCS: Phil Kessel question answered, Wayne simmonds controversy, Wilds vs Ducks vs Avalanche,  Carolina NJ and Boston in for wildcard, and a new segment called  Mike’s Goaltending analysis this week on Jonathan Quick.

Episode 22 of PuckTalkCS: An episode that will be looked at years from now. The breaking news of the 9 man trade between the Maple Leafs and Ottawa Senators, and why the Leafs really won.

Episode 23 of PuckTalkCS: The crew answers 2 fan questions, and give their final thoughts on the aftermath of the Phaneuf trade. The crew also gives the rundown on the top goals of the week.

Episode 24 of PuckTalkCS: We want to give special thanks to for answering our questions and helping us out with our show. The Crew does a recap of the Stadium Series game, milestone recap,discuss an absurd trade rumor, and we do a new segment called Who’s better?

Episode 25 of PucktalkCS: Gostisbehere point streak has ended, Leafs pickup 12 draft picks for the draft, injures that could endanger playoff chance, Rangers vs Flyers recap,  Who’s Better?: Burns vs Weber, and our Trade deadline coverage begins.

Episode 26 of PuckTalkCS: Our thorough Avalanche vs Red Wings Stadium Series Preview, Ladd trade, Goal Horn guessing, and Who’s Better?: Tarasenko vs Gaudreau.

Episode 27 of PuckTalkCS:Your favorite and least favorite day of the year…the Trade Deadline.

Episode 28 of PuckTalkCS: The crew talks about this week’s PuckTalk Game of the Week that features Jack Eichel and Connor McDavid’s first meeting, Round 4 of Who’s Better?:Zach Parise or Jonathan Toews ,Guess the Goal Horn 2, Playoff hat pulling: who will step up ,and is Team Canada in trouble for the world cup of hockey?

Episode 29 of PuckTalkCS: Who’s Better?:Karlsson vs Subban, Mike’s Goaltender Analysis featured goalie is Corey Crawford, World Cup of Hockey rosters announced, Thoughts on the first meeting between McDavid and Eichel, Introduction to Discussion posts.

Part One of Episode 30 of PuckTalkCS: It’s just Steve today, as Chives takes a trip to Buffalo to watch and scout the Buffalo Sabers for a future segment next week. joins the show again after a vicious fight, what are the playoff chances for the Devils and Ducks, and the next Discussion Date is released. 

Part Two of Episode 30: The Three Beasts of the East are highlighted in this episode as Mike Analyzes the king Henrik Lundqvist. The biggest matchup of Who’s Better comes in Round 7, and it is one for the ages. Alex Ovechkin vs Sidney Crosby. Recent playoff situations, Ladd’s return to Winnipeg, Capitals clinch, and Seguin injured for 3-4 weeks.

Episode 31 of PuckTalkCS:Who’s Better?: Chris Kreider vs Brad Marchand, What’s Wrong with Tyler Johnson?, and Push for the Playoffs in Depth Coverage.

Episode 32 of PuckTalkCS: Plethora of fan questions answered, Who’s Better?: Chara vs Byfuglien, Push for the Playoff Analysis, Lightning vs Red Wings Pucktalk game of the week.

Episode 33 of PuckTalkCS: Playoff Push Update, Playoff Push Matchups, , Devils season at an end?, Penguins becoming a formidable playoff opponent, Goal Horn Guessing Three, Who’s Better?: Kane vs Benn.

Episode 34 of PuckTalkCS: All 7 Canadiens team in depth breakdown due to the teams missing the playoffs, Toronto expecting KHL visitors?, Mike’s Goaltender Analysis on Ryan Miller.

Episode 35 of PuckTalkCS:Our April Fools day joke Episode.(NOT a legit episode)

Episode 36 of PuckTalkCS: Who’s Better ?Round 10:Kronwall vs Orpik vs Brown, Panthers recent concerns, Rangers recent concerns, recent wildcard team thoughts, Reinhart trade misfire, addressing of changes to our regular PuckTalkCS episode podcast’ agenda for to the 2016 playoffs.

Episode 37 of PucktalkCS: Who’s Better ? Round 11: John Tavares vs James Neal, Kane reaches 100 points,Duncan Keith suspension, X Factors of Panthers Penguins and Predators playoff clinch, Kadri hearing, Stamkos injury and future, Datsyuk’s future with Wings a question, Last PuckTalk Game of the Week of the season, and a true feat is reached as PuckTalkCS is weighed in as 8th best podcast in the Tri-State area.

Episode 38 of PuckTalkCS :Moment of silence for Oilers memories at Rexall, why recent teams that clinched, why contending teams were eliminated, Kings set franchise wins record, injuries effect on the playoffs ( Chives and Steve have an interesting disagreement), First Game Chives went to, Current Playoff bracket,Flyers, Red Wings, Bruins fighting for their postseason, thoughts on final PuckTalk Game of the Week.

Episode 39 of PuckTalkCS: Playoff effecting games from April 8th 2016, One minute recap from Chives and Steve to wrap up the regular season, and every Western Conference Playoff teams X-Factors.

Episode 40 of PuckTalkCS: Datsyuk situation, Flyers in Bruins out, Quick preview of finalized playoff matches.

Episode 41 of PuckTalkCS: It’s only Steve today, as Chives is out with a sore throat. Steve will cover all of our in depth thoughts on the games tonight. Also, Kadri and Reilly signed to long term contracts.

Episode 42 of PuckTalkCS: Coverage on Penguins vs Rangers, Blues vs Blackhawks, and Lightning vs Red Wings. Our Playoff Brackets( including Mike!), and our Previews of Day 3 games(starts at 23:00).

Episode 43 of PuckTalkCS: Post Game Reviews from Day 3 and Preview of Day 4 games. (Previews start at 14:37)

Episode 44 of PuckTalkCS: Post Game Reviews, Andrew Shaw situation, and Previews going into Game 4’s for Round One.

Episode 45 of PuckTalkCS: Post Game Reviews,NHL discipline issues, Previews ( start at 15:35).

Episode 46 of PuckTalkCS: News on Mike’s travel,  Fan Question on lucky Lightning,Post Reviews, Playoff Goal Horn, Previews.

Episode 47 of PuckTalkCS: Post Reviews,Previews ( start at 13:36), Rangers offseason needs,Fan question on Red Wings offseason needs, Playoff fan questions.

Episode 48 of PuckTalkCS: Stamkos practices,Predators / Ducks Game 6 Post Review, Blackhawks /Blues Game 7 long post review, Red Wings active, which fourth line is better: Blues vs Islanders, In Depth Preview of Islanders vs Lightning series.

Episode 49 of PuckTalkCS: Is our format working?, Quick News segment, the terrible NHL 17 cover vote, Bruce Boudreau fired/ our opinions, Mike’s opinions on the goaltending in the playoffs ( lots of info here!), A Goal Horn Guessing special: featuring Mike as the guesser, The Previews of second round series we missed, Chives Rant, Orpiks suspension

Episode 50  of PuckTalkCS: It has been a true honor ,thank you for all of your support. Playoff coverage

Episode 51 of PuckTalkCS: Playoff coverage.

Episode 52

Episode 53 of PuckTalkCS: Playoff coverage.

Episode 54 of PuckTalkCS: Open discussion on ECF and WCF.

Episode 55 of PuckTalkCS: WCF/ECF coverage, Triplets vs KHB line, Which playoff player we would want on our team.

Episode 56 of PuckTalkCS: Western Conference has an unlikely winner, ECF Game 7.

Episode 57 of PuckTalkCS: Introduction to universal show idea, Stanley cup final predictions and Game 1 thoughts, series outlook.

Episode 59 of PuckTalkCS: Penguins close out Final against Sharks, full discussion on every aspect of the series.

Episode 58

Episode 60 of PuckTalkCS: Moment of silence for Howe, RJ Umberger Buyout, Cam Ward signing, Teravainen and Bickell pickup, Chives and Mike conspiracy theory.

Episode 61 of PuckTalkCS: Chives and Steve go over every big free agency and offseason move over there long three week break.

Episode 62 of PuckTalkCS: Mike co-hosts in Steve’s absence, Breakout Player Predictions, Staal/Parise pairing,Flames acquisitions,Who’s Better Round 12 Duchene vs Hagelin, Jets and Oilers Heritage Classic Jersey reveals.

Episode 63 of PuckTalkCS: Jimmy Vesey talk, Steve and Chives take on the “Budget Game”.

SEASON 2:World Cup of Hockey ,2016-2017 season, 2017 Playoffs

Episode 64 of PuckTalkCS: Season 2 agenda announced, Fantasy League, WCH coverage update, NFL power rankings, MLB talk.

Episode 65 of PuckTalkCS: North America vs Russia post review, WCH standings,USA vs Russia preview, Gaudreau/Kucherov signings, Giants vs Redskins and NFL talk.

Episode 66 of PuckTalkCS: Chives goes solo, USA vs Canada results, Sweden Coverage, Europe vs Canada preview.

Episode 67 of PuckTalkCS: Steve returns, NA vs Sweden in depth Analysis, WCH Standings,WCH talk, Gary Sanchez.

Episode 68 of PuckTalkCS: Jose Fernandez,ESPN Fantasy League Draft Date TBA,NFL Week 3 Talk ,Hockey Talk begins at 17:30 ,Sweden v.s Europe recap , Europe vs Canada: WCH Finals Preview ,Jacob Trouba ,Split Squad Opinions, Kucherov Bishop on market

Episode 69 of PuckTalkCS: WCH is over,Fantasy Draft date set, Rieder signed, Main Discussion on Nikita Kucherov.

Episode 70 of PuckTalkCS: The 2016-17 season kicks off! Auston Matthews, Opening Night Game talk, Gaudreau,Kucherov,Ristolainen contract talk.

Episode 71 of PuckTalkCS: MLB Playoff Talk, Hossa’s 500th goal, First Goals,Injuries,Maple Leafs/Islanders sad truth, Laine vs Matthews first encounter.

Episode 72 of PuckTalkCS

Episode 73 of PuckTalkCS: MLB World Series Game 1, Josh Brown Cut, NBA Super Teams discussion, Offseason Payoffs, Good Starts Matter/Current Standings.

Episode 74 of PuckTalkCS: World Series, NFL Recap, Lindholm signed, Jimmy Vesey,Craig Anderson.

Episode 75 of PuckTalkCS: World Series Recap Game 2-6,Game 7 predictions, Vikings OC resigns, October Wrap up(begins at 13:00):Who’s Hot Who’s Not ,Timed Open discussion.

Episode 76 of PuckTalkCS: Trouba signing, 5 minute timed open discussion.

Episode 77 of PuckTalkCS: Mike and Chives have 5 minute timed open discussion.

Episode 78 of PuckTalkCS: Steve returns, Fan Question on the Buffalo Sabres, NFL Talk on Jared Goff, 15 minute Open Discussion on ten randomly selected teams in the NHL (2-3 minutes per team).

Episode 79 of PuckTalkCS: Las Vegas Franchise, Brent Burns and his new contract, 10 minute open discussion on 6 NHL Teams randomly selected (no previous teams besides Columbus, 2-3 minutes per team).

Episode 80 of PuckTalkCS: News recap, Open Discussion on last of randomly selected NHL Teams (1 minute 30 seconds per team).

Episode 81 of PuckTalkCS:Golden Knights Rejection, Columbus on fire, Clutterbuck signing, Montreal, and MLB signings.

Episode 82 of PuckTalkCS: NFL talk ends at 13:03, NHL Open Discussion

Episode 83 of PuckTalkCS: NFL talk, December coverage, first episode of 2017.

Episode 84 of PuckTalkCS: Giants Analyst George joins the show to discuss the NFC Playoffs, NHL Open Discussion begins at 19:03.

Episode 85 of PuckTalkCS: Columbus hot streak snapped, Bye week opinions, Laine injured , Debate of the day: WC or EC?, All-star game roster coverage.

Episode 86 of PuckTalkCS: Chargers move, Ovechkin reaches 1,000 points ( Ovi vs Sid 1.5), Mike joins for Vezina Talk, Calder Trophy Race, Canadian Teams currently, Quick NFL Playoff predictions.

Episode 87 of PuckTalkCS: Islanders fire Capuano  Metropolitan Division , Rest of League.

Episode 88 of PuckTalkCS: Superbowl 51 Coverage , NHL Topics coming up this week.

Episode 89 of PuckTalkCS: The return after a brutal drought ( read apology article), our favorite time of year the 2017 Trade Deadline.

Episode 90 of PuckTalkCS: Updates, Push for the playoff coverage , Calling it “Quits”, Wild Card Coverage, Divisional Coverage, Flames/Tampa Turnaround.

Episode 91 of PuckTalkCS: Updates, Islanders in Playoff Position, why Columbus may not have playoff success, Wild Card Coverage, Coyotes moving, Should the NHL trash the Point System standings?


2017 Playoff Coverage 


PuckTalkCS Episode 100



Offseason 2017

PuckTalkCS Episode 118: VEGAS BABY,VEGAS!! Vegas Revelations. Everything Vegas.

PuckTalkCS Episode 119: Mike fills in for Steve, 2017 Prospect Draft thorough coverage, Trade talk prior to July 1st.

PuckTalkCS Episode 120: Our first special guest, SB Nation’s All About the Jersey Editor John Fischer joins the show via skype call to discuss the New Jersey Devils in a lengthy preview of New Jerseys hockey franchise heading into the 2017-18 season.


Season 3 (2017-18)

PuckTalkCS Episode 121 (Season3 premier episode): China games, Pre-season hockey, current updates, Main Discussion on face-off changes.

PuckTalkCS Episode 122: Metropolitan Division Preview for 2017-18 season, 2 minute timer for each team, divisional standings predictions after each timer.

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